Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Better than Chocolate - Audiobook Sale

You just finished one of your major goals and marked it off on your list with a bright red marker.  Time for a reward!  The candy wrapper crinkles as you unwrap the candy bar.  The scent of chocolate fills yours your nose, your mouth starts watering.  You pop the chocolate into your mouth, exalt in the flavor for two seconds, chew, swallow . . . and wish for more. 
Instead of spending your money on something that only lasts for a couple of seconds, invest your money in something that will last forever.  An audiobook is something you can enjoy again and again.  Reward yourself from a range anywhere between a fantastic self-improvement book like “Zero Regrets,” or “The End of Overeating,” or lay back, relax, and laugh while you listen to “No Talking.”
If you’re a go-getter and never stop workin you can even listen to something action packed while you’re still working like “The Gideon the Cutpurse: The Time Travelers,” or “The Dragon's Eye” the first of The Erec Rex Series – all on sale now until November 22, 2011, just in time for your holiday travels.
No matter what you pick one thing books and chocolate always have in common is that they both leave you wishing for more . . . enjoy them now!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adventures that Never Die

Swords clash, fire bursts, a dragon’s roar reverberates across the open field.  A man steps forwards, a thick brown staff in one hand.  A horse whinnies in the distance, pawing at the ground.  The old man smiles, lifts his hands, and begins his spell . . . 
From a boy who didn’t believe in growing up, to a white rabbit who could tell time, the magic in adventures of your childhood never really end.  El Zorro left more than a “Z” for his legacy – he left the memories of his blazing sword and flaring courage in your mind.  

There’s something that connects in the readers’ mind, when they remember these stories.  Remember how unrealistic Alice was to follow a rabbit down a hole, or Dorothy was for following a yellow brick road to an unknown place?  Perhaps it is her personality.  Anne of Green Gables is so influential because she still believes.  “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “The Three Musketeers,” “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” and “Ivanhoe,” each tell a different and captivating tale.  

First Truth” is another tale to try for all adventure lovers, or “The Cheshire Cat's Eye.”

Whether it’s magic, or fairies, or yourself in which you still believe, the message of stories is not only enjoyable, but revitalizing.  Remember what drew you to these adventures.   Enjoy a good book again, or experience a new one.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Great Detectives

A footstep in the darkness, a fingerprint on the window pane, a whisper in the wind . . .
Join in the adventure as your favorite detectives unravel the mystery.  From the moment a family member disappears to the desperate chase up the stairs and through the open window, enjoy every moment of these brilliant detective stories. 
Sit on the edge of your seat as Sherlock Holmes discovers the truth about his next case, or relish in the telling of “Blood Line,"  or “One for the Money” the first of the Stephanie Plum Series.
You never know how enthralling a story is until you find yourself alone in a room as the sun is setting.  Suddenly you hear a twig breaking outside, hear the call of a wild animal, feel someone’s eyes on you.  You stand up and close the window, rub the Goosebumps on your arms, roll your eyes at yourself . . . and never quite get over the feeling of alarm and exhilaration that had washed over you for just that one moment. 
Listen to a captivating detective case now and never be the same again.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Steve Jobs life redefining the Apple . . . and Six Industries

In the beginning there was the apple . . .
Imagine a world without Mac computers, or a world where you can’t call up your best friend when you’re lost or get instant directions because there is no such thing as an iPhone.  Would you miss your i-Pod?
Introducing the incredible life of Steve Jobs!  If you study the great philosophers and inventors of the world to learn from them and base your own life and goals off of their successes – this is a story you don’t want to miss.
Just like Thomas Edison with the light bulb, Benjamin Franklin with electricity, Gutenberg with the printing press, or Einstein and his Theory of Relativity, Steve Jobs has revolutionized the world.  He has changed forever our concept of:
  • personal computers
  • animated movies
  • music
  • phones
  • tablet computing
  • digital publishing
In honor of a man who has improved our lives and driven technology to the height it enjoys now!  Listen to Steve Jobs inspirational story, learn about this incredible man, a man who revolutionized six industries.  Get his new exclusive biography now at AmblingBooks.com.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Learn a Language

Salve!  –That’s how Julius Caesar would have said it in ancient Rome, (it means “Hello.”)
No matter what language it is in, a smiling face and a friendly word is always welcome – especially if you can understand what they are saying!  There are so many reasons to learn a new language.  Maybe you have just decided you want to learn French.  Or maybe you set a goal to learn Spanish as your new year’s resolution, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  You’re going on a trip to Germany, but you haven’t learned German yet!  Your friend is learning Japanese and you want to learn it too. 
Now is the time to learn that second, or third language.  Learn Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, or Italian.
Surprise you’re friends when they visit from Israel, or please your family when you pass you’re Spanish test.  Learning a new language will give you a new sense of empowerment, and a new way to connect to people. 
For now farewell, or, as Mark Antony would say, Vale!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Everyone knows that moment, when the crowds are cheering, the ref is shouting, and your heart is beating a million miles a minute.  Then it all fades away, there’s just you and your goal.  For one perfect moment, there you stand, frozen in a perfect moment – and you can do this.  You take a step forwards and everything flows perfectly.  For a moment you are unbeatable.
You win the competition, but you take away more than a win.  You take away that feeling of exultant invincibility. 
Whether it baseball, basketball, football, swimming, track, golfing, horseracing, cooking or one of a million other sports – it’s your passion.  Everyone deserves to have something that they enjoy, something they have a passion about. 
These kinds of stories are inspiring and stimulating, listen to “George Foreman's Guide to Life," “Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday" by Apolo Ohno, or “Finding the Champion Within” by Bruce Jenner.  If you want to get specific, listen to a story specifically about golf, or baseball.
As long as you’re learning and improving, take a few minutes to learn more about what you really love.  Get your head in the game!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Animals are Our Best Friends

You’re an animal person. 
You love that:
  • Hunting dog that you take on all your road trips
  • Your poodle that loves to get all dolled up with bows and painted toenails
  • That good old cat that sheds on your favorite lawn chair and purrs like a Ferrari
  • The parrot who you’ve taught everything it knows
No matter what the pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, hamster, or even reptilian, they hold a special place in our hearts.  Pet’s do amazing things, heroic stories about animals.  Wouldn’t the world be a boring place without kittens, or kangaroos? 
Visit some favorite stories about the animals you love.  Pet stories like “Beautiful Joe,” “White Fang,” "Black Beauty,” “Rin Tin Tin,” or New York Times Bestseller “The Underneath."  Enjoy hearing stories about the animals you have grown to love, listening to these and many more delightful stories.
“A (fill in your favorite animal here) is a man’s best friend.”