Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lost in a Good Book

Jimmy bounces up and down on the big blue sofa, making it squeal.  He stares forwards, his eyes fixed on a small black rectangle sitting in an i-box.  Roger stands next to him, lifting his hand up every few seconds to wave it in his brother’s direction, “stop jumping all over the place, I can’t hear.” 
As the story flows out of the i-pod both boys finally stop moving, both frozen in place – their minds lost in a different world.  After a few minutes they both shift, looking around as though just coming out of a trance.  The climax of the story is over, the hero and heroine are safe, and the boys are just now wondering why they were staring so fixedly at the i-pod. 
Such is the power of a good book.  If a book is good enough it sometimes seems magical.  There are many times when I have gotten lost in a book, only to look up at the clock hours later and realize how much time has gone by.  How many movies can you count where you’ve watched an old wizard reading out of a dusty old spell book, or a wicked witch cackling over her spell book?
On a more realistic side, books seem magical because they can tame a carload of bored kids, or keep your mind busy on a job that usually only keeps your hands moving.  Experience the action by visiting Ambling Books and exploring some of their great audiobooks.

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