Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ghost Stories

You’re sitting around the camp fire, it’s late.  The fire crackles in front of you, casting shadows into the dark woods.  Now it’s time for the ghost stories.  Everyone crowds in close, wrapped up in blankets, a few brave souls darting over to the car to grab marshmallows or gram crackers when they run out.

Now the ghost stories begin.  Within minutes you can hear a twig breaking behind you, something is moaning, you can feel eyes on you.  You have to stay up and tell more ghost stories because you’re all too scared to go to bed!
Can there be anything better?
Now you can listen to these stories read to you.  Ready to be scared silly?  Listen to a great selection of ghost stories.  Or experience hair raising terror as you experience the horror of stories like “The Invisible Man” by H. G. Wells, or “Halfway to the Grave,” the first of Jeaniene Frost’s thriller series. 
Relish in the terror!

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