Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Great Detectives

A footstep in the darkness, a fingerprint on the window pane, a whisper in the wind . . .
Join in the adventure as your favorite detectives unravel the mystery.  From the moment a family member disappears to the desperate chase up the stairs and through the open window, enjoy every moment of these brilliant detective stories. 
Sit on the edge of your seat as Sherlock Holmes discovers the truth about his next case, or relish in the telling of “Blood Line,"  or “One for the Money” the first of the Stephanie Plum Series.
You never know how enthralling a story is until you find yourself alone in a room as the sun is setting.  Suddenly you hear a twig breaking outside, hear the call of a wild animal, feel someone’s eyes on you.  You stand up and close the window, rub the Goosebumps on your arms, roll your eyes at yourself . . . and never quite get over the feeling of alarm and exhilaration that had washed over you for just that one moment. 
Listen to a captivating detective case now and never be the same again.

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