Monday, October 24, 2011

Steve Jobs life redefining the Apple . . . and Six Industries

In the beginning there was the apple . . .
Imagine a world without Mac computers, or a world where you can’t call up your best friend when you’re lost or get instant directions because there is no such thing as an iPhone.  Would you miss your i-Pod?
Introducing the incredible life of Steve Jobs!  If you study the great philosophers and inventors of the world to learn from them and base your own life and goals off of their successes – this is a story you don’t want to miss.
Just like Thomas Edison with the light bulb, Benjamin Franklin with electricity, Gutenberg with the printing press, or Einstein and his Theory of Relativity, Steve Jobs has revolutionized the world.  He has changed forever our concept of:
  • personal computers
  • animated movies
  • music
  • phones
  • tablet computing
  • digital publishing
In honor of a man who has improved our lives and driven technology to the height it enjoys now!  Listen to Steve Jobs inspirational story, learn about this incredible man, a man who revolutionized six industries.  Get his new exclusive biography now at

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