Friday, October 7, 2011

More than History

The time machine beeps and shakes, you nearly fall over as the floor vibrates.  There’s a musky smell leaking into the enclosed space, and then – nothing.  No movement or sound.  A door opens soundlessly and you find yourself staring at . . .
Maybe it’s dinosaurs you see, pterodactyls swooping through the sky.  Or it could be a certain person you’re looking for – maybe you are standing on the very road that Queen Elizabeth’s carriage will be riding down any minute.  Maybe you’ve gone back to Rome, you want to hear Mark Antony’s speech with your very own ears (which would be more inspirational if you spoke Latin yourself). 
Maybe you step into a crowd and walk into the great, original Globe Theater.  One of Shakespeare’s famous plays is about to be performed, and you’re here for it!
Alright, well, I can’t offer you a time machine.  But I can offer you the next best thing.  You can learn about these famous people, learn about their lives, their hopes, and their aspirations.  Sometimes the best roadmaps for our own lives come from looking at others successful lives. 
Meet Socrates the famous philosopher of Greece, or spend some time with Benjamin Franklin.  There are hundreds of inspirational people out there – and now is your chance to meet them!

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