Thursday, October 20, 2011

Learn a Language

Salve!  –That’s how Julius Caesar would have said it in ancient Rome, (it means “Hello.”)
No matter what language it is in, a smiling face and a friendly word is always welcome – especially if you can understand what they are saying!  There are so many reasons to learn a new language.  Maybe you have just decided you want to learn French.  Or maybe you set a goal to learn Spanish as your new year’s resolution, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  You’re going on a trip to Germany, but you haven’t learned German yet!  Your friend is learning Japanese and you want to learn it too. 
Now is the time to learn that second, or third language.  Learn Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, or Italian.
Surprise you’re friends when they visit from Israel, or please your family when you pass you’re Spanish test.  Learning a new language will give you a new sense of empowerment, and a new way to connect to people. 
For now farewell, or, as Mark Antony would say, Vale!

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